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        As much as we would like it, archery participation does not come free. Our shooting fees at Targetcraft are structured to enable our members to get the most benefit from every pound spent. The club is a "not-for-profit" organisation. Any profit made is invested back into the club in the provision of equipment and facilities. 


    Fees Explained:

    The fees charged by Targetcraft are divided into three parts:

     1.   Archery GB Fees:   To shoot at our club (or any of the other target archery clubs in the country) an archer is required to be affiliated to Archery GB (Grand National Archery Society). This is the governing body for archers in the UK and is responsible for maintaining the rules of shooting and for providing insurance for all members. Once affiliated to Archery GB you receive a membership card which confirms your status as an insured archer who has completed the required training to shoot safely. This card is your "passport" to shooting at any of the Archery GB affiliated clubs in the country. You may be asked to show your card any time you shoot and you will certainly be asked to show it when you shoot at a new venue for the first time. Your unique membership number on the card will also be required for completion of entry forms for competitions.  Archery GB (or as they are also known Archery GB) make a charge for this which is currently £55 per year for adults. This fee is collected, on their behalf, by the club you join.


    2.    Club Membership Annual Fees:       This is the single fee paid once per year to the club for its own use in the provision of archery to its members. The current adult fee is £100


    3.    Shooting Fees:    Most clubs also require a small shooting fee each time you participate, for example, on a club night.  This is currently £3 for adult archers.  However, this is only charged during the winter months (approx October-March) to help cover the use of the modern sports hall at Montsaye Community College.  During the summer months there is no shooting fee charged for the use of facilities at our outdoor venue at West Lodge for club members. It should also be noted that this venue is available 365 days per year and no additional shooting charge is ever required once you are a targetcraft member.



         Junior Archers (under 18) benefit from greatly reduced fees. The annual (one-off) fee is £50.  This includes both the Archery GB affiliation fee and the Club fee with a shooting fee of £2 per night (winter only: free outdoors)


    Summary for Targetcraft Members

      Adults Juniors (under 18)
    Total One-off Fee per year £ 155 £ 50
    Shooting fee on club nights indoors (winter) £ 3 £ 2.00
    Shooting fee outdoors at West Lodge (365 days per year) Free Free


        If you are already affiliated to Archery GB (or FITA) by membership of another club then you are always welcome to shoot with us as a visitor.

    Summary for Visitors

      Adults Juniors (under 18)
    Total One-off Fee per year £ 0 £ 0
    Shooting fee on club nights indoors and outdoors £ 4 £ 2.50
    Shooting fee outdoors at West Lodge per day (*see note) £ 5 £ 2.50



    Additionally, archers who are already affiliated to Archery GB may choose to become an Associate member

    Summary for Associate Members

      Adults Juniors (under 18)
    Total One-off Fee per year £ 100 £ 50
    Shooting fee on club nights indoors (winter) £ 3 £ 1.50
    Shooting fee outdoors at West Lodge (365 days per year) Free Free


         If you are unsure about any of the details or which option will be best for you then please contact our Secretary John Duggan on secretarytargetcraft@yahoo.com


    Note:  Shooting Outdoors at West Lodge:    Day tickets are available from the West Lodge Rural Centre (Adults £5.00 per person, under 18 £2.50 per session), please be prepared to show tickets to club members if asked, thank you.


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