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    Indoor Shooting at Montsaye Community College Sports Centre: Rothwell


        Our indoor shooting venue is in the main sports hall at Montsaye Community College in Rothwell, near Kettering.  It is very easy to get to from either the A14 or A6.  Set your navigator setting to NN14 6BB or have a look at the map link below. which will open in a new browser window
    Montsaye Community College, Rothwell

        Our indoor season generally runs from October to Mid April with a little variation depending on weather. Exact dates can be found in our shooting calendar.  We shoot on two nights every week: Tuesday from 7:30pm until 9:30pm for general practice and on Fridays from 6:30pm to 9:30pm for scoring rounds. Beginners courses are run within our Tuesday night sessions from 7:45 to 8:45



    Our shooting nights start and end with the setting up and storing away of the target bosses. Everyone helps in doing this and it's very important that they do to minimise the time spent doing this. (usually only about 5-10 minutes).  Our normal shooting distance on a Tuesday night is approx 20yds with a few at 10yds for those on the first few nights of the beginners course. 





    Beginners course participants receive one-to-one tuition and guidance during the course. However, even after they have completed the course and are free to shoot unattended as full club members, they can obtain on-going assistance, guidance and tips from any and all of our qualified coaches, whenever they wish.  Coaches will not impose their tuition on qualified archers but are always eager to help when asked. Tuesday nights are also the best time for this. The club provides all of the equipment necessary to learn Archery during these sessions. 



    Any archers who complete the beginners course and join our club as full members may also continue use the equipment until they feel they are ready to purchase their own. 






    Friday club nights see us shooting scoring rounds.  We setup the targets according to the "Round" being shot. This can be anything from 18yds to 30metres depending on the requirements of the round.  We are fortunate to have the use of a very good sports hall with good lighting and plenty of space, although when we shoot the occasional 30metre round the space behind the shooting line can be a bit tight.  The hall is well heated and provides a comfortable environment even in the depths of winter

    We start at 6:30 and shoot until 9:30. This gives us plenty of time for most rounds, with everyone recording their scores on the sheets provided. These scores are given to the records officer at the end of the night and are used to calculate the members "handicap".  In much the same way as other sports ,such as golf, the handicap reflects the progress of the Archer. i.e.it gets smaller as the Archers skill increases. The handicap figure is used on specific handicap shoots allowing archers of all abilities to compete together with the "playing field" levelled.

    Midway during the evenings shoot on a Friday, we have a short 5-10 minute break where complimentary  tea/coffee and biscuits are provided.  This has proven to be very popular allowing members to have a bit of a chat and also re-group their concentration for the second half of the shoot. Some members bring their own mugs with them while others just use the "good old" polystyrene disposable ones provided.


    Archers who are members of other clubs are always welcome to join us on both the Tuesday and Friday evenings. We only ask that you have your Archery GB card with you as you may be asked to produce it during the evening. A small target fee is also charged




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