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      Sunday 27th November   Targetcraft Xmas Tree

        Thanks to the efforts of Chris Pinfold, Targetcraft has an entry in the annual Desborough Xmas Tree festival which runs from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th November This has entries from local businesses and individuals in the Desborough area. It is held in St Giles Church and a small entry fee of £2.50 helps raise funds for local charities. Chris' theme was a tree made from arrows and sporting the target face colours. See photos below (click to enlarge).



      Sunday 4th December    Annual Portsmouth Competition

        Our Annual Portsmouth competition was once again a very successful day and we had a lot of people having a very good time shooting. It's always a very friendly shoot and it's nice to see people coming back every year.  It was also good to see some of our newest members taking part and I'd like to congratulate Charlie on winning the Targetcraft Portsmouth Handicap award .    
        This year Targetcraft won the Team Trophy. The team was made up of the 3 highest scoring archers , who were  Jon Bull, Steve Allen and Millie Bott
        Thanks to Colin for his work in organising the shoot and also all of the Targetcraft members who came along and helped during the day and on Saturday with the setting up. It really was great to have you there and made the day a lot easier for all of us.

        Finally for those that don't know, Malcolm was being assessed as a judge. I am pleased to announce that he passed and is now a fully qualified County Judge.....many congratulations. That's passing as a Level 1 coach and Judge in one week !!!

    Photos from the shoot can be viewed at the link below....
    Portsmouth 2016 Photos

    All the best and see you soon





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