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      April     Kingsley Special Academy End of Term Reward
         We recently ran a have a go session at Kingsley Special Academy as part of their rewards system for good work and behaviour during the term.
    As you can see, all the children had a great time proving how very inclusive our sport is and how it can be adapted to suit everyone.

    John Duggan & Youlia



      May     Orchard House Archery
         For some time we have been running weekly Archery Sessions for the Residents of Orchard House Residential Care Home inBarton Seagrave. While they might not always adopt a recognised style, the residents really enjoy these sessions and are achieving some amazing results. We have had to make some adaptations for some of the residents, but the results and enjoyment prove once again how inclusive our Sport is.       John Duggan


      June     Archery GB Approved Aiming Device

      Margo is seen, on the right, employing the new (Archery GB approved :-) aiming device during a session organised by John Duggan as part of the on-going "Targetcraft in the Community" project.
       Accuracy seems no problem to Bob, on the left, who struck gold consistently and with ease.







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