Club Nights Note From Chairman (AKA Sir Steve)

Dear club member,

Our West Lodge site is one of the best Archery facilities in the County if not the Country, It is our best and our worst feature and allows all club members to shoot at
times to suit their lives. Our “club nights” provide an opportunity for club members to come
together to learn, practice, compete and above all enjoy the sport of Archery with
likeminded people.

Our Tuesday club nights are an opportunity to take advantage of the coaching teams’
knowledge, an opportunity to practice new skills or new distances, to take on the clubs 252
challenge and to get to know fellow club members.
Our Friday club nights are a little different, there is an opportunity, if you wish, to compete
with fellow members, to achieve handicap improvement, to achieve and improve your
Archery classification and to take part in the clubs’ medal competition.
If however you don’t wish to take part in these activities and instead just want to practice
and enjoy the company of other members that’s fine, please come along. You will be most

For those who would like to take part in the Friday club night, the evening runs a little
differently to the Tuesday evening. Please use the clubs booking form (found in the
members area of the web site) to “book” a shooting lane. Unlike our indoor shooting this is
not COVID 19 related, this simply helps those who get to the field earlier than others to start
moving bosses (if needed) to the distances that our club members would like to shoot. The
booking form provides the details of the “round” being shot and the distance options you

Whilst in theory the field can be used by club members 24/7, on a Friday evening it is
necessary to have a break in shooting between 18.00 and 18.30. This provides an
opportunity for final changes to be made to the field, but also meets with AGB and NCAS
requirements for shooting rounds. All our outdoor Friday rounds are registered in advance
with Northamptonshire County Archery Society and because of this should you shoot a new
County or Regional record you would be able to claim this achievement. There is a
requirement that the round has been shot in accordance with accepted rules which include
an official start time for the round and an end to “practice” before “sighters”.

Therefore, by calling a halt to shooting at 18.00 and not restarting until the round
commences at 18.30 we comply with these external requirements.

Just prior to shooting at the evening welcome, any specific information regarding the round
we are shooting will be given at that time.

Whilst not everyone can shoot new county or regional records everyone taking part in the
Friday night shoot can achieve handicap improvement or improve their classification from
3rd class to 1st class archer and compete in the monthly medal competition. For more details
on these please have a chat with our Clubs record Officer Bob Reid.

I look forward to welcoming you all to our Club nights

Steve Allen

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