NCAS - Caswell Series Stage 1 (28th May 2023)

Dear all,Targetcraft Archers are this year hosting, on behalf of Northamptonshire County Archery Society, stage 1 of the Caswell Series. This tournament will be a Double 720 but those wishing to shoot a single round should be able to be accommodated.The 720 round for senior recurve archers is shot at 70m, for longbows at 60m, both on a 122cm face. For compound archers the round is shot at 50m on a 80cm face and bare-bow archers also shoot at 50m but on a 122cm face. For younger and older archers there are shorter distances available. Please see the prospectus on the club and county web sites.Firstly, I would encourage as many of our club members to take part, especially if you are relatively new to tournaments. The Caswell series is a first step on the tournament ladder and is, for many, always better when shot in familiar surroundings.For those not wishing to compete, please think about helping to host this event. We will need volunteers prior to the tournament to set the field, and others on the day to help with finding arrows, serving tea and coffee and to provide general assistance to the organising team and judges. We will by posting on the website a volunteers booking form. Please spare the club some time. These events help raise funds that are used exclusively to improve our club’s facility’s.Thank youTim Bull

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