Archery GB – Start Archery Week – Club Event
Dear all
You will have seen on the website that we are this weekend holding our event to promote Archery. We have publicised our event and invitations have been submitted to the parents and children of Rothwell School where we have developed a new partnership and to the Havelock School in Desborough. Fingers crossed we will have both a busy and successful day.
I think the original message I placed on the website may have caused some confusion.
Saturday 13th – I would appreciate if club members could spare some time to help prepare for the event with the erection of our marquees the setting out the field and the preparing of the container to serve tea, coffee and cake – I would suggest we meet at 10 am; I don’t expect it will take too long. If you can spare some time, it would be greatly appreciated.
If members could provide cake, home made or purchased this would be greatly appreciated as funds raised from the sale of refreshments will be used to improve club facilities.
On Sunday 14thMay we are planning to be “open” from 10 am to 3 pm. We would welcome club members coming to help with the event or simply being there shooting their bows and talking to the visitors. We would like to show the diversity within the club and the range of bow styles available. If you can spare some time, to shoot, serve tea or look after our guests I would be very grateful.
Thank you
Tim Bull

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