Outdoor Shooting 2023

Bye Bye Booking Form


With the Covid 19 pandemic now behind us and a return to outdoor Archery we have decided to dispense with the need to book a lane on any of our designated club nights or our Sunday morning shoot.


We have set the field to suit all our members, we will have bosses at 20 yards to 100 yards and 30m to 90m. On Friday evenings and Sunday mornings some bosses may be moved to accommodate whichever nominated round is being shot. After each shoot, the field will be returned to the current set-up.


We will however retain the booking form for coaching as this has worked very well since its introduction. It will be modified from time to time as temperatures and light available increase over the summer months.


There are some simple Outdoor shooting rules to follow please:

  • All bosses should be covered at the end of shooting
  • As per the AGB rules of shooting – there should be a maximum of 4 persons per boss (3 or more shooting in two details)
  • If there is more than one person shooting on the field, the shooting line MUST be used and a safe system employed to commence shooting or collect arrows. The most experienced archer on the field should take control.
  • If a boss is not at the required distance, please feel free to move it to meet your requirements (unless you are on your own – it is against club rules to move bosses single handed). You can however move your shooting line when you are alone on the field! Please note – when moving bosses, the ground peg and wire MUST only be pulled using the special peg puller that is on the bench in the kitchen container. Please do not pull the peg using the wire rope as this will damage the peg.
  • Should your arrow strike the boss stand and get stuck please use the arrow jack that is kept in the kitchen container on the work bench. Please do not use hammers, chisels, screwdrivers or other implements which severely damage stands. If you are not confident of recovering your arrow without damaging it or the stand, please leave it where it is until others are available to assist you.
  • Should you find “lost” arrows on the ground please leave them either on the table at the back of the shooting field or in the kitchen container.

On Tuesday & Friday evenings or on Sunday mornings if there are more people requiring a specific distance than we have bosses set out, the field will be altered by those present to accommodate. Changes will only be made if space on existing bosses is not available.


Should you experience any issues with any of the available bosses (too hard, too soft, soft centres) please make a senior archer or committee aware of the issue. In most cases problems can be resolved quickly and easily.


Thank you and enjoy the summer


Tim Bull – Chairman

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