Volunteers Needed – Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th May 2023
NCAS – Caswell Stage 1 – Tournament
As you will be aware Targetcraft are hosting the above tournament next weekend. This is an opportunity to earn revenue for our club to maintain and improve our facilities.
Our volunteer’s page is looking much too empty for both days! 
On the Saturday we need help to set the field, put up the gazebo’s prepare the kitchen etc. etc. On the Sunday during the tournament, we need people to act as a field party to help find “lost” arrows. re-face targets as needed, serve tea, coffee, look after the judges etc. Its not necessary to be at the field all day, but if you can please spare some time on one or both days to help us I would be grateful.
Please pop your name on the volunteer page, if you are not sure what you can dop or what you want to do, come along we will be able to find something for you. For those coming on Sunday you will also see that County tournaments are not that different to club competitions and it may encourage you to enter other similar events.
Saturday – 9.30 am – 2pm approx.
Sunday – 08.00 am – 6 pm ish
Thank you

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