Targetcraft v Towcester Jan 24

The first of our indoor challenge matches took place on Friday 19th January. It was nice to welcome 10 visitors from Towcester Archery Club to Montsaye to shoot a Portsmouth round with us.


County archers have, in my experience, enjoyed a close relationship irrespective of which club they are affiliated to. They have always met and mixed at numerous club and County events and have formed part of our extended archery family. The Covid Pandemic had severely disrupted these relationships. It was hoped that the Targetcraft challenge matches would be a small step towards getting to know the new archers who have entered our sport during the Covid years and reconnect with those we knew previously.


The evening was a huge success with 16 Targetcraft members in attendance. At the half way point we took a short break for refreshments and to take an opportunity to speak with our guests and start the relationship building process. Thank you to Laura, Charles, Steve and everyone else who were kind enough to do some baking for the event.


With regards to the results, it couldn’t have been closer!



Compound = 2,654

Recurve = 3,761

Barebow = 839

Total = 4,600



Compound = N/A (No compound archers from Towcester attended)

Recurve = 3,648

Barebow = 946

Total = 4,594


A 6-point win to Targetcraft


The Chair of Towcester Archers has written to us to let us know how much their members enjoyed the evening with us and have invited us to their indoor facility near Silverstone during the next indoor season.


Our next challenge match is on the 9th February. This time it’s against Archers of Raunds. I hope you can join us.

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