Monthly Medal Competition

Towards the end of April will we be commencing our outdoor shooting at West Lodge Rural Centre.


After a hiatus of a year we will be reintroducing our popular monthly medal competition. It will commence with the May Medal


This will be new to some of our members and the details are as follows:-


It will be judged solely on the Archery handicapping system.


The handicaps will be taken from the ArcheryGB handicap tables. The link to the tables is


The competition will take place in accordance with the published calender at 18.30 on the second Friday of the month, and Sunday at 10.00 two days later. The only rounds eligible will be those on the calender.


The winner will be the Archer who shoots the best handicap, relative to their handicap before the round just shot.


In the event of a tie the Archer who scores the most 10s (or golds for imperial scoring) will win. If there is still a tie then the most 9s will win etc.


If you do not have a handicap then you need to submit 3 witnessed and signed scoresheets to achieve one.