252 Awards

How it Works

  • You get 6 sighter arrows.
  • You shoot 3 dozen arrows on a 122cm face at your chosen distance.
  • 6 Arrows shoot per end.
  • You score the round using the 5 zone scoring method. 9 for a gold, 7 for a red, 5 for a blue, 3 for a black, and 1 for a White
  • Use the table below to check what score is required for your bow type and the distance you are shooting at. Certain bow types have different scores so please check the table below. (252 is based on a recurve bow, hence the adjustments for other bow types to make it fair) 
  • Badges have to be paid for.
  • Contact records@targetcraft.org to claim your badge, you will also be added to the “Members Achievements” below.

Score Required

Bow Type20 Yards30 Yards40 Yards50 Yards60 Yards80 Yards100 Yards

Members Achievements


Steve Allen80 Yards
Aaron Waddington60 Yards
Bob Reid (RH)60 Yards
Chris Tungate60 Yards
John Duggan60 Yards
Charles Collins50 Yards
Paul Roberts50 Yards
Phil Bailey50 Yards
Phil Rennocks50 Yards
Bob Reid (LH)40 Yards
David Matthews40 Yards
Gary Freeman40 Yards
Laura Smart40 Yards
Malcolm Smith40 Yards
Pat Rumbell40 Yards
Roger Daniels40 Yards
Sue Roberts40 Yards
Lucie Matthews30 Yards
Maureen Binfield30 Yards
Miles Goodman30 Yards
Samantha Matthews30 Yards
Candice West20 Yards
Catherine Foster20 Yards
Chris Griffin20 Yards
Elliot Furnell20 Yards
Ian Furnell20 Yards
Isabelle Thorogood20 Yards
Jon Shepherd20 Yards
Kate Dillon20 Yards
Lucie Horsley20 Yards
Lucie Sanday20 Yards
Oliver Hollins20 Yards
Sarah Jane Fletcher20 Yards


Peter Waterton100 Yards
Tim Bull100 Yards
Jon Bull60 Yards
Jon Shepherd60 Yards
Miles Goodman40 Yards
Eloise Murray30 Yards


Archie McDougall80 Yards
Malcolm Smith40 Yards
Darren Harris30 Yards
Candice West20 Yards
John Kay20 Yards
Mark Jones20 Yards
Paul Gardiner20 Yards
Samantha Matthews20 Yards


John DugganAFB40 Yards
Pat RumbellFlatbow40 Yards
David MatthewsFlatbow30 Yards
David MatthewsHorsebow30 Yards
David MatthewsRecurve30 Yards
Geoff GregoryHorsebow30 Yards
Leah WaterworthAFB30 Yards
Malcolm SmithAFB30 Yards
Miles GoodmanHorsebow20 Yards
Youlia LeeRecurve20 Yards