How To Become A Member

Note: We do not accept children under the age of 7

How To Become A Member

If you have already completed your beginner’s course and would like to join a fantastic club, then download and complete membership application form.  The membership flow chart will help you determine what type of membership, and the membership fees will give you the cost for your membership application. Please complete the Membership form and email to


In addition to club fees, full members will also be charged a membership fee to Archery GB. This covers insurance and provides access to information and resources. In addition, there is also a small charge imposed by our County and Regional Societies.  These enable members to participate in county and regional competitions and events.


Our club accepts both full members and associate members. There is no difference between these two categories in terms of access to club facilities, resources or cost. The difference is that full members are registered with Archery GB through our club and have voting rights at club meetings whilst associate members are registered with Archery GB through another club.


Membership Form

Membership Flow Chart

Membership Fees