Child Protection Policy

 At Targetcraft Archers we take the issue of Child Protection very seriously and acknowledge that
this is a very important and sensitive issue.
   We have a designated Child Protection Officer (CPO) who has received training and who follows
guidance issued by AGB in all Child Protection matters. Currently our CPO is Phil Bailey.
His contact details can be found below. Please make sure you know who he is.
   If any members have any concerns regarding juniors in the club or at club events, it is very
important that the concerns are dealt with swiftly, appropriately and without judgement or

–  Firstly, the junior involved should NOT be interviewed or questioned by the member with the

–  If a junior discloses a concern to a club member, the club member CANNOT offer confidentiality
as ALL concerns must be passed to the CPO

–  The issue SHOULD NOT be discussed with other club members.

–  The concern should be recorded, outlining the nature of the concern, the parties involved, the
date, the time and the place of the incident.

–  This record should be passed IN PERSON to the CPO who will decide what action will be taken.

–  The CPO may want to clarify details with the member of the club who expressed the concern.

  No concern is too small. Please ensure that all concerns are reported so that any appropriate
action can be taken. It is the responsibility of us all to ensure the safety of our junior members.