Archery in the Community

Targetcraft Archers are very keen to take our Sport into the local community and make the benefits of the sport known to as wide an audience as possible.


Over the past few years we have worked with Residential Care Homes, local Junior schools and Special Needs settings providing a variety of Archery experiences to suit the needs of the groups involved. Our work has ranged from weekly visits to provide an introduction the the sport, to visits where, yes, we shoot a few arrows; but more importantly, provide a new face, a bit of conversation and an activity which is engaging, challenging and a little different, to residents in care homes.


Most of our work in the community is delivered using the ‘Arrows’ kit. This kit has been designed to enable Archery to be delivered in accordance with all AGB rules/guidelines in a very safe manner. Using the Arrows scheme, we have delivered archery instruction in a semi formal way, in schools, encouraging the staff to ‘take up the mantle’ when the course has been completed. After the course, one of the schools purchased their own kit and have set up an Archery Club.

In addition to these courses, we have also attended a number of functions in schools and Care homes. We have on many occasions, had Have -a-Go sessions at Summer Fairs, attended ‘Family Learning Week’ at a Special Academy, where parents join in various activities with their children, given assemblies to groups of children to link with history topics, and provided Archery at Activity Days.


We do not charge for involvement in community settings. If you are involved in any community group and think that your group would enjoy an Archery experience, please contact the club via the secretary